Bue lobster with potato fondue and salad with lemon dressing

PAR LE CHEF Par Chef Hervé

Amusez-vous bien !


1 Whole lobster

2 Fennel

2 Shallots


100g white mushroom

1 block of butter

Chives and parsley

Baby potato 7

Chicken stock


garlic 3 glove

ground almond



use a fresh lobster as fresh is good cut in the middle to run your knife but just enough to cut in the middle season it with salt and precooked in the hot pan with oil for about 5 minutes till is half way cook for the lobster butter

Brunoise of shallots, fennel, mushroom and pancetta cook it in the pan and chill mix the soft butter with ground almond and add the rest of your brunoise into the butter that will be to finish up the lobster serve it with sauter squid potato fondue on the sides and bit of salads too watch and peel potato cut into circle use a turning knife for a butter and thyme.

Bush the butter into the lobster finish it in the oven or under the grill for about.

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